Citater af pionerer

“Movement is only another aspect of awareness that brings personal processes into focus. Even the masters of Tai Chi and Aikido, who practise the same movements over and over, do not seek perfection in the movement but total involvement in the process until there is no separation between the art of movement and the practitioner. One becomes the Chi or ki- the flow of life energy. This gives the martial artist tremendous strength and courage and a tremendous sense of wholeness.” (Sabetti 1986, pp. 301).

”It is the moment wherethe ego gives up the control, stops choosing, stops exertingdemands. It is a moment of total surrender that cannot be explained. This is humbling and freeing for the personality that demands perfection, control and conformity– all the ills of our social training.” (Whitehouse, 1979).

”All the stresses of our lives are stored in and affect the body, often creating distress and imbalance, which are reflected in our emotional and mental states. Our bodies contain our life stories just as they contain bones, muscles, organs, nerves and blood.” (Halprin, 2003)

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